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Dehydrated Onion Fried

Use these dehydrated onion flakes to add a sautéed flavor to sauces, veggie combinations, pizzas, and other specialties! These precisely graded flakes will transform your food in no time!



The lush and fiber onions are members of the Allium genus of flowering plants, which provide various immunological and neurological system health advantages. Because of the presence of the Allyl Sulfide component, white onion granules act as a natural blood cleanser, lowering the risk of a heart attack. Onions are high in Vitamin C, which supports a healthy immune system and aids in the treatment of skin problems and the maintenance of skin radiance. The quercetin in dried onion granules improves sperm motility and viability while also increasing energy levels. Onion strengthens the digestive system and keeps the stomach healthy by stimulating the excretory organs and allowing for efficient meal digestion. When used in baked or roasted foods, as well as spicy soups, the granular onion varieties work best in place of fresh onions. It’s usually used to make dry oil-free fast food items like nuggets, veggie and non-veg crust pizzas, fries, and chips taste better.


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